Critical AK Auto

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Product information

 High yielding Critical and one-hit-pass-out AK 47 are Legends in the  cannabis breeding  world,crossing them with a ruderalis autoflowering strain pushed open the door for new horizons and outdoor cultivation in countries with a shorter summers, but what really tops it all off is crossing two autoflowering strains to create plants with higher yields and potency. Critical AK Auto as a 3rd generation autoflowering strain is exemplary in this regard.

Critical AK Auto is not the fastest finishing autoflowering strain, but yields in the range of 450-550g/m² make up for the 80-90 days wait - grown outdoors, a single plant can produce 60-80 grams. And with 18% THC she delivers a highly potent product that will please your palate with a unique aroma with hints of Afghan hash and fresh, fruity notes. The effect of the smoke is less on the cerebral side, but rather body-centered and relaxing. Critical AK Auto weed is a good choice for a bong or blunt in the late evening, when you want to unwind to find the serenity to hit the sheets.

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Brand CannaSmiths


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