Greengo Bio Haze Auto

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This is a new type of autoflowering that we bring to market after careful research and with an eye for the best quality. So a find! Why? Because it is an easy-to-grow cannabis plant, you don't have to spend a lot of time on it, it flowers automatically and is ready for harvesting quickly. 
With Greengo Bio Haze autoflowering Cannabis Seeds you have the pleasure of growing a top quality Haze but you are sure that it does not cost too much work.


The Kera Greengo Bio Haze AUTO is our own variant of the well-known cannabis strain 'Haze' and resembles our Greengo Bio Haze. But the advantage of the Greengo Bio Haze Autoflowering is that it is a species that blooms automatically: a Ruderalis mix. Convinced? Buy Greengo Bio Haze auto cannabis seeds to discover this new variety yourself.

Breeding properties

The Kera Greengo Bio Haze AUTO is a plant with a high yield for outdoor growing. With proper care, the plant grows to between 110 and 180 cm in size and has a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. October is the best harvest month for the Greengo Bio Haze auto weed seeds. It is an easy-to-grow cannabis plant that is quickly ready to harvest, perfect for outdoors!

Taste experience

The taste can be compared with our Greengo Bio Haze. Although it is an autoflowering, the taste remains the same as a normal Haze: refreshing and with an uplifting high feeling. With Greengo Bio Haze auto seeds you are therefore not only assured of a fast and long flowering time, but also of the best taste.