Dutch Power Auto

Dutch Power Auto

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The original Dutch power plant consists largely of a mix of African Sativas with a hint of Indica. These powerflower autoflowering weed seeds are another variant, mixed with the Ruderalis plant. The last plant in turn provides the autoflow effect, which ultimately makes this plant a strong and easy-to-grow powerhouse. The autoflow of the Ruderalis plant ensures that it will bloom automatically, regardless of the number of hours of sunshine. In fact, growing this plant can never fail! Buy Dutch power auto cannabis seeds if you like a stronger type of weed.

Breeding properties

The Dutch power auto plant is a plant with rapid growth and a great adaptability. Suitable for indoor growing, outdoor growing and growing in a greenhouse. The dutch power auto weed seeds are also suitable for growers of every level, for the starting grower but also for the most experienced grower. Remember that this plant emits a very penetrating strong odor, so take the necessary precautions if you think it is necessary. These dutch power auto weed seeds take about ten to twelve weeks to finally be harvested. The plants grow outside between fifty centimeters and a maximum of one meter high.

Effect and taste experience

These Dutch power auto seeds grow into a sturdy weed, for lovers of a powerful effect. The soft bittersweet taste and mild aroma do not betray anything, but once inhaled it produces an intense high. Many growers prefer a largely sativa-like plant like this Dutch power car, because of the 'high' it produces. This high can be described as creative, energetic and extremely cheerful. Dutch power is also doing well in the medical field, it is used for stress, pain and anxiety.