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Soil as a Medium...

Soil is a great medium to grow in for both beginner and experienced growers alike. A lot of people ask what soil do I need? So i have broken it down to basically these two types that are widely available in South Africa. 

Types of Soil.. 

Peat Moss blends - these can be 100% peat moss or mixed with other mediums such as perlite to give it better aeration. They may have some nutrient content to get the plant through a couple of weeks growth, but then need liquid nutrients added to each watering. Things like a PH of water etc would need to monitor in order to achieve optimum results. Good liquid nutrients are BioBizz Range, Greenhouse, Seagrow. These soil blend cans are found in most nurseries and are becoming more available in the local grow shops.


These soils are sought after blends that have been made according to recipes made famous by The Rev, Jorge Cervantes and other famous Cultivators of this Illustrious Plant. They are basically crafted to supply the plant from Seedling to Harvest with Everything it needs bar water and light and 100% Organic.  The Results from these types of soils can be astounding nothing beats the sight of a100% Organic Super Bud that you can taste through your nose.. The trick here is to use Rainwater. Maybe experiment with compost tea or foliage feeds. 

Our Living Organic Soil is a blend of quality ingredients that will provide your plants with all the nutrients and minerals they need already in the soil mixture with millions of micro-organisms continuously breaking up the nutrients and minerals into plant available food improving your soil over time.


Organic Compost, Vermicompost (worm castings), Sphagnum Peat Moss, Coco Coir, Perlite, Biochar, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Bone Meal, Soft Rock Phosphate, Insect Frass, Dolomite Lime, Gypsum, Basalt Rock Dust, Zeolite, Malted Barley, Diatomaceous Earth, Humic Acid


30L (approx. 11kg)



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